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Faculty Materials and Instructional Sessions

Recorded Sessions

    • “Pedagogies Across the Divisions” (April 23), with Angelo Mercado, Ross Haenfler, and Elaine Marzluff … video 
    • “A Discussion of Academic Advising” (April 21), with Joyce Stern and Jason Maher … video 
    • Community Friday (April 17), “Dealing with Inequalities in the Learning Environment” … videochat transcript
    • “Designing Open Book/Notes Exams” (April 16), with P-M Osera … videochat transcript
    • Open forum on instructional continuity (April 10) … video
    •  Community Friday (March 27) forum on instructional continuity … videochat transcript
    • Community Friday (March 13) panel on instructional continuity … transcript of livestreamed session from Harris Center

Documents and Materials Shared by Faculty

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